On this episode of 60 second snakes we willbe speaking in regards to the northern ring-necked snake.

Right here’s what to search for… First, look at the markings.

The northern ring-necked snake will get its namefrom the yellow ring round its neck.

General this snake is black or grey with ayellow stomach.

Subsequent, test the scale.

This smaller snake reaches solely 10 to 24 inchesin size as an grownup! Lastly, take a look at the habitat.

This snake lives in moist woodlands and usuallystays hidden beneath logs, bark or different objects.

Northern ring-necked snakes are innocent tohumans and have been recorded all through Michigan however usually are not usually seen.

These secretive snakes feed on earthwormsand salamanders.

If you happen to get the chance to see one among theseimportant Michigan residents, go away it within the wild and benefit from the expertise! This has been 60-second snakes.

Go to Michigan.

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