DEBBIE: Simple.

COMM: Cat Island within the central Bahamas is well-known for its marine life, especiallywhitetip and dusky sharks.

When diver Skyler Thomas and tour operators Vinnie and Debbiespotted a dusky shark in want of rescuing, they didn’t hesitate to leap in and assist.

SKYLER THOMAS: We have been there for oceanic whitetip sharks, however there are additionally different species thereoccasionally and on this case, there have been some silky sharks and a few dusky sharks and oneparticular dusky shark had a rope wrapped round it and closely embedded in its flesh.

Vinnie received on board, received ready, grabbed a knife and a bag and was in a position to get backin the water… SKYLER THOMAS: And wait lengthy sufficient for the shark to change into used to his presence, untilhe was in a position to get shut sufficient and really seize maintain of the shark… SKYLER THOMAS: And reduce into the rope, which was fairly deep down into the shark, and take away it.

COMM: After eradicating the rope, the staff returned repeatedly to examine on the shark’s progresswhile it was therapeutic.

COMM: The dusky shark swims in tropical and temperate oceans worldwide, cruising fromdepths of 1,300 ft to the shallow waters close to the shore.

They’re identifiable by their spherical, quick snout and slender, streamlined physique.

SKYLER THOMAS: Folks prefer to ask whether or not or not the shark was going to chew us or ifwe have been in peril.

Once more this specific species isn’t very aggressive nevertheless it was in a stateof duress so, you by no means know what’s going to occur.

This was actually particular becauseof a number of elements.

One, it is a shark.

Two, that is an animal that’s in a susceptible place.

SKYLER THOMAS: It’s injured, it feels probably prefer it’s below much more menace from thesebig animals which might be surrounding it.

And sharks need to swim with a purpose to breath.

So, combineall of those parts and the truth that this shark slowed down and held nonetheless lengthy sufficient for somebody to assist it, makes all of this gorgeous spectacular.