Developing subsequent on Jonathan Chook's Blue World, Jonathan feeds the world's most danergous shark! Hello, I'm Jonathan Chook and welcome to my world! Sharks are maybe probably the most misunderstood animals within the ocean.

Regardless of the truth that individuals are solely very not often attacked by sharks, they endure with a foul fame.

Whereas the world’s largest shark, the whale shark, is understood to be innocent to individuals as a result of it’s a filter feeder, different sharks have been identified to assault individuals often.

The Tiger shark and the White shark are two of the most important so-called “man eaters,” and so they have an equally massive dangerous fame for being extraordinarily harmful to individuals.

However what if I advised you that these aren’t probably the most harmful sharks? In truth, statistically, probably the most harmful shark on the earth might be the Bull shark.

It may appear onerous to imagine.

The Bull shark seems to be similar to a reef shark, however slightly greater.

It doesn’t appear all that intimidating.

So what’s the massive deal? Because it seems, Bull sharks are accountable for extra documented assaults on individuals than every other species of shark.

The well-known blockbuster film Jaws, a few man-eating Nice White shark was the big-screen adaptation of Peter Benchley’s bestselling novel of the identical identify.

It was truly impressed by a real story.

In 1916, there have been a number of individuals killed by a number of sharks off New Jersey within the span of two weeks.

On the time, most individuals suspected a Nice White shark.

However one of many assaults occurred extra then ten miles up a river, and white sharks aren’t identified to enterprise that removed from salt water.

It’s more likely that the assault got here from a Bull shark.

The Bull shark is the one species of shark that recurrently strikes between salt water and contemporary water.

In truth, it has been caught by fishermen greater than 500 miles up the Mississippi River…in Illinois! Shark assaults are uncommon, and most frequently they’re believed to be a case of mistaken identification since assaults on swimmers typically happen in shallow, silty water the place the shark has a tough time seeing its prey.

Nonetheless, Bull sharks are thought-about extraordinarily harmful animals beneath some circumstances.

Which is why I used to be so excited when my good friend Jorge Loria from Phantom Divers in Playa del Carmen invited me to come back movie these sharks! He’s hand-feeding them! I fly on right down to Mexico, touchdown in Cancun, then heading south to Playa del Carmen—a beach-lover’s paradise, and my favourite place on the earth for cenote diving! However this time I’m not diving the cenotes.

I’m heading out to a secret dive web site within the ocean—hopefully crammed with sharks.

Large sharks.

I make my means over to Phantom Divers to fulfill my previous buddies Jorge and Charlie.

“Hey Jorge! Charlie! How ya doing? You guys able to movie some sharks?” Charlie and Jorge have been feeding Bull sharks for just a few years and so they give me just a few tips about what to anticipate and one of the best ways to movie it.

And naturally, some security suggestions! It’s crucial, by no means lose sight of that bait.

Don’t have the bait and be wanting this manner.

You’ve got to be wanting on the bait the entire time.

As a result of it might be the shark comes the opposite means.

Normally they arrive from the entrance.

My spouse Christine and I head right down to the seaside to climb aboard the Phantom Divers boat.

Then it’s off to the dive web site on a gorgeous sunny Mexico day! (Music up) Earlier than lengthy we have now reached dive web site and Charlie fits up in his stainless-steel shark go well with.

He’ll drop down a couple of minutes earlier than the remainder of us to get the chumming began upfront.

This protects us some backside time for filming.

Now the remainder of us get suited up and put together to dive.

As normal when diving with sharks, I cowl as much as I don’t have a lot pores and skin exhibiting.

Effectively, lets go see some sharks! I descend in the direction of the underside via crystal clear heat water and ultimately find yourself on a sandy sea ground at a depth of 80 toes.

A stingray glides previous—it could odor the fish Charlie introduced down.

Jorge takes over for Charlie and hand feeds a rising faculty of hungry mouths.

I keep again a methods so I received’t spook the sharks.

I do know it’s onerous to imagine, however our scuba bubbles are loud and scary to sharks.

It doesn’t take lengthy for the primary couple of Bull sharks to reach, however they hold their distance, unsure what to anticipate from us.

A couple of minutes later, they method Jorge nearer to see the place the yummy odor is coming from.

However they aren’t able to belief him sufficient to take the fish from his arms.

Even the stingray has managed to obtain a snack from Jorge.

I’m beginning to suppose these sharks are wimps! Ultimately the primary shark makes her transfer.

She takes the fish proper from Jorge’s hand.

The subsequent shark truly misses the fish, and doesn’t have the maneuverability to show round and get it, so she lastly provides up and goes round once more.

Now that the sharks have discovered that we’re not a risk, I can transfer slightly nearer to Jorge for filming, and the sharks received’t thoughts.

Jorge’s metal mesh gloves shield him from the sharks’ tooth simply in case his fingers get too near their mouths.

Cameraman Tim has floated up above the motion for the Chook’s eye view.

The sharks have a voracious urge for food.

They hold consuming till we’re out of fishy snacks.

I can’t assist however discover are monstrous they’re in comparison with a diver.

Bull sharks would possibly appear like reef sharks, however they get rather a lot greater! Ultimately we have now reached our backside time restrict and it’s time to ascend in the direction of the floor.

Whereas we do a security decompression cease close to the floor, the sharks come as much as examine.

Clearly they’ve overcome their apprehension about us.

In truth, it form of looks as if they don’t need to see us go.

Jorge has one final piece of fish and he presents it to the sharks as a parting reward.

On the finish of an thrilling dive like this, I can’t assist however be completely pumped! Whoa! These sharks are large! I can’t imagine I’m going to get an opportunity to feed them.

Later, again on the dive store, I chat with Jorge and Charlie about what I’ll be doing tomorrow—carrying the chain mail shark go well with! Have you ever ever worn chain mail earlier than? No, by no means.

Effectively, this stuff are very heavy, they’re about 30 kilos for the complete go well with.

So we’re going to placed on the go well with.

It’s crucial that you just put your boots over the go well with, as a result of if not, on the boat it’s tremendous slippery and you’ll damage your ankle like I did yesterday.

Okay, good recommendation! So put the boots on, and after we go within the water, it’s crucial that you just put loads of air in your BCD, so you may sink like a rock.

After we get to the underside, utterly deflate that BCD and I’m going to start out the feeding half, , so the sharks get near us, and as soon as we’ve bought the motion, I’ll hand the chum bucket to you.

Me and Charlie will likely be proper behind you.

You’ll be advantageous man.

I’ll be advantageous.

I’m gonna put on chain mail man, that’s gonna be so cool! The subsequent morning we head again to the identical dive web site, on one other stunning, flat calm day.

Boy do I like diving in Mexico! As soon as once more Charlie will get in first along with his container of bait, to get the motion began upfront, whereas I discover ways to placed on the chain mail.

The chain mail go well with is manufactured from hundreds of interlocking rings of stainless-steel which type a form of cloth.

It’s tremendous versatile, however the sharp tooth of a shark can’t chew via it.

Sadly it weighs 30 kilos, so I’ll sink like a rock once I hit the water if I’m not ready.

Jorge after all is diving with me, as is a shark biologist named Mauricio Padilla, who will likely be trying to take a tissue pattern from a shark! “One, two three!” I sink quickly right down to the underside in my 30 pound shark go well with.

After we arrive, Jorge arms me a chunk of fish and now it’s my job to entice the sharks over.

We have been feeding yesterday so it doesn’t take them as lengthy to come back over.

As I wave my piece of fish round, Mauricio is behind me, ready for his likelihood to take his tissue pattern.

Quickly a giant Bull sharks comes up and takes an in depth take a look at the piece of fish I’m providing.

She likes what she sees as a result of she makes one other cross round and takes it gently from my hand.

Jorge takes a flip subsequent, whereas I seize one other piece of bait.

Then I feed once more, and the shark makes a pleasant shut cross to some different divers which might be watching.

The sharks are calm and relaxed, similar to us.

All this time, Mauricio has been hanging again, watching the sharks and making notes.

He is aware of which shark he wants the tissue pattern from and now it’s time to make his transfer.

He has with him a spear gun.

However as a substitute of a spear, it has a particular tip designed to seize a tiny pattern of pores and skin and muscle from a shark.

The heavy chain mail makes my job very easy, I’m planted on the underside! Mauricio must be affected person.

The shark must be actually shut as a result of its pores and skin is so robust.

He has a digicam mounted on the speargun so he can determine the shark later.

Ultimately the precise shark comes shut…and Mauricio fires! The gun digicam footage reveals excellent intention.

The tissue pattern got here proper from the thick pores and skin on the base of the dorsal fin.

The shark completely feels a pinch, however the pattern doesn’t hurt the animal, and actually she comes round and feeds once more.

Contained in the tip of this instrument is a tiny pattern the shark’s tissue that will likely be used to be taught what these sharks usually feed upon, and if they’re interbreeding with different populations of Bull sharks across the Caribbean.

Later, a chat with Mauricio about his analysis mission.

Bull sharks are solely one of many species he’s learning in Mexico.

He reveals me the tissue pattern we bought.

So that is the core, and you’ll see the muscle.

That’s the pink factor, that’s the muscle.

And likewise we have now the pores and skin.

We’re going to do two varieties of study.

With the pores and skin, genetic evaluation, as a way to know if this inhabitants is expounded with different populations.

And with the muscle, we’re going to do an evaluation that known as Secure Isotope Evaluation.

With that, you may know if the sharks when they’re listed here are feeding on Coronado or remoras or no matter.

So what number of have you ever taken to date? Eleven.

That’s in all probability not sufficient to be taught a lot but.

No, we want not less than 30.

Mauricio’s sampling program, mixed with some satellite tv for pc tagging, is already shedding some mild on the mysteries of the Bull shark.

And Jorge’s hand feeding helps to dispel some myths about these sharks.

Effectively, there ya go.

I fed probably the most harmful sharks on the earth.

Man eaters? What do you suppose? I don’t suppose so.

In truth, I had a lot enjoyable, I’m going to go see them once more.