Seize and go.

Good day? Yeah, snake folks, yeah.

A name is available in and a guysays he's bought a really massive gray snake in his hen coop.

Very first thing that goes by mymind, undoubtedly a black mamba.

All proper.

There's two right here.


Then the man saysto us, it's not one, it's truly two black mambas.

Clearly, very, verydangerous scenario.


He says he noticed considered one of themgo on the left hand facet and one other one go onthe proper hand facet.

So we begin to go searching.

Let's have a bit look.

Simply watch yourlegs on the left.

It's not goneunder this already? Nah, I had fast glanceunder there once I got here in.

OK, nothing in there.

The place'd it go? Not in there? No.

Be sure that it's notabove your head.

No, we've appeared.

Black mambas areterrestrial and arboreal, which implies they areas good on the bottom as they’re within the timber.

They like climbing,they're good climbers.

The snake might truly beabove us, not simply on the ground or hiding beneath one thing.

The place's it gone? Not many gaps inhere for it to get out.

The opposite one? Is it? Oh no, we're going tocheck all of them, don't fear.

However if you happen to're sayingit was in right here first, we'll verify right here first.

Yeah, it's not in there now.

So the place did it go? Oh, jeepers.

How might it get out? It's not very simple.

You've actuallysecured this very well.

The place is it? There’s one small gap right here.

Yeah, simply watchwhere you tread.

OK, there's nothingabove our heads.

And also you've lookedcompletely in these? Yeah, there'snothing in there.

Your chickens wouldsort of freak out a bit, would go a bit loopy.

Yeah, and so they're not now,so that is making me suppose.

Let's go see the opposite one.

He has loads of chickensand loads of child chickens working round.

It’s a good environmentfor any sort of snake that feeds on heat blooded prey.

The snake picks up the scent ofthose chickens from far-off, and he simply cruisesin there, squeezes by the mesh,into the hen coop, and helps himself.

Beneath that? That cowl? The place is it now? Let me take a look beneath there.

There are supposedto be two snakes, and we will't even discover one.

This makes me very nervous.

There's no signal of any snake.

Yeah, there's nothing inhere, I can't see something.

Except it's up there.

Maintain on, what's that? Maintain on, OK.

I see one thing.

Proper, he is aware of somethingis going– that's a spitter.

Get me some goggles, fast.

– Yeah.

I feel that's a spitter.

I simply seen a glimpseof it, however I'm not going to place my head backunder there with none goggles on.

If it is a Mozambiquespitting cobra, we're going to haveto be further cautious.

This snake can sprayits lethal venom precisely from 12 ft away.

If it will get into our eyes, it'slike boiling scorching acid and sand.

In the event you don't wash itout, you can go blind.

Dropping our sightin this example is extraordinarily harmful.

A chew from thissnake might price us a hand, an arm, or perhaps a leg.