– [Announcer] Joking apart, aBlind Sighted digital sequence.

– That is Hillside,subsequent cease Elm Road.

– Excuse me, driver, do you enable serviceanimals in your bus? – Sure, after all.

– [Passenger] Ah, good.

– [Bus Driver] Doyou have a canine? – A canine?No.

My information snake, Mr.


He helps me findseats on the bus.

Come on, Mr.

Nibbles,let's discover us a seat.

(screaming) – [Female Passenger] Runto the again of the bus! (screaming) (ominous music) – Wow, there's rather a lot ofempty seats, Mr.


– Subsequent cease, Elm Road.

– [Announcer] Go to AMI.

Cafor the total digital sequence.