[music playing] Simply received a name, sayingthere's a giant black snake in our leisure heart.

It feels like itcould be a black mamba.

SIMON (VOICEOVER): Tomake issues worse, the girl says it'sin her swimming pool.

There's no time to waste.

We're not gonnalose one other one.

All proper, prepared?Go.

Over time,I've caught snakes in all types of humorous locations.

However I've by no means ever caught ablack mamba in a swimming pool.

[shuts car door] I'm considering, youknow, how the hell would you get a lethal snakeout of a swimming pool.

SUSIE: Hello.

How are you? – OK.

– OK.

SUSIE: Oh, it's an empty pool.

– Empty pool.


SUSIE: Oh, that's helpful.


[unlocks gate] [? [inaudible] ?] Thanks.

Thanks very– oh, sure.

SIMON (VOICEOVER):Nice massive swimming pool.

No water in it in any respect,however within the shallow finish is an enormous black mamba.

The black mamba canreach over 14 toes lengthy.

And this one isn't far off it.

It's a extremely strungand unpredictable snake, particularly when cornered.

If that's not unhealthy sufficient,it's additionally the quickest snake on this planet, and will coverthe size of this empty pool in about eight seconds.

Oh, yeah, and only one bitecan kill me inside 20 minutes.

SIMON: How lengthy hasit been in there? About 5 or seven minutes.

OK, cool.


All proper, effectively,he's not going anyplace for a minute, so– I've by no means caught a blackmamba in a empty pool.

It's fairly distinctive.

All proper, you prepared? SUSIE: It was completely enormous.

It's in all probability the biggestblack mamba I've ever seen.

The snake feels cornered.

It feels threatened.

That is gonna be a extremely,actually harmful job.

Black mambas areexcellent climbers.

They're nearly as good on the groundas they’re within the timber, a really agile snake.

A really, very dangeroussituation, as a result of now we're walkingtowards it, and it's gonna begin getting nervous.

Yeah, discovered a pleasant massive one.

SIMON (VOICEOVER): It doesn'tget extra harmful than this.

It's slippery, it's open,and if this factor bolts, it'll get each of us beforewe may even attain the steps.

Don't get too shut.

SUSIE: And it's an actual[inaudible], isn't it? Don't go too shut.

SUSIE: It's gonna get pissedoff with us, I do know that.

SIMON: Oh, it's gonna getvery upset in a second, however anyway, gottaget it out of there.

OK, guys, simply thoughts your self.

SUSIE: Mouth is openand take a look at that.

Yeah, he's gonnahave a go in a minute, however simply thoughts your self there.

The black mambo will openits mouth as a warning signal.

It's a protection mechanism.

It's saying, hazard,avoid me.

I imply massive enterprise.

I made a decision to completelyignore that warning and catch it anyway.

[chuckles] It's all proper, snakey.

If he instantly goes,guys, simply get again.

He's gonna go.

OK, Sue, [inaudible]from anyplace.

There, it's a giant one.

It's– SUSIE: It's sturdy.

SIMON: Simply maintain.

Don't do something.

Don't let him go.

SUSIE: Good.

[gasps] [bleep] SIMON: Yeah, precisely.

I'm about to catch thiswith my different hand.

All proper.

No, no, wait, wait, wait.

SUSIE: I'm good.

I'm holding SIMON: I see it.

Now simply maintain it there.

Thoughts your self.

SIMON (VOICEOVER): This factor is8 and 1/2 toes of pure muscle.

SUSIE: Nonetheless holding.

I'll nonetheless maintain it.

SIMON (VOICEOVER): If Susielets go, we're each lifeless.

This black mamba is so sturdy,it's not possible to manage.

I’ve to seize it.

SIMON: I haven'tgot it very properly.

SUSIE: Watch your self.

Watch your self beneath.

SIMON: OK, upsidedown this time.

I've received it.