SIOUXSIE: For some unusual cause the neighbours don’t pop round for cuppas, do they? COMM: Siouxsie and Simon are obsessive about snakes, lizards and spiders.

They run andlive in a sanctuary in Dunstable, Bedfordshire that homes a whole bunch of species that wouldmake most individuals’s pores and skin crawl.

SIMON: I feel we’re round 80 plus minus snakes.

So, it’s quite a bit.

We’ve got a number of venomous snakes right here in the mean time, together with Western Diamondback rattlesnakes, we’ve obtained threeof these.

We’ve obtained two reticulated pythons in right here – one’s about 12-14 toes and theother one’s in all probability about 10 toes in size.

So they’re each fairly large.

If it managesto get spherical you and begins constricting you, the probabilities of you getting it off yourselfare fairly slim.

COMM: Amongst their every day chores is the daunting means of cleansing out the numerous reptile tanks.

SIMON: All proper.

Be careful.

I don’t need to seize the pinnacle of it if I don’t need to.

Okay, now I do, okay right here we go.

All proper.

You bought it? SIMON: There we go.

That’s what can occur.

Missed me.

Prepared? In you go.

Defence mechanism,if she feels threatened ‘trigger we now have to seize her, if we don’t seize her head, shecan flip round, chew you within the face, then you definately’re in actual bother.

Due to thatshe simply emptied an entire bodily system everywhere.

SIMON: One of many chores I’ve obtained to do now is definitely giving injection to a NileMonitor.

He’s fairly a robust animal.

It takes two of us to cope with it.

He can whipyou his tail, he can chew you.

I principally came upon he had a little bit of an an infection somewhereinside him, so day-after-day we now have to come back in right here and provides this factor an injection, which sounds simpler than it’s, they’re fairly a handful.

SIMON: He’s off! Yeah.

Be careful, proper? Obtained it? Don’t let it chew you.

Okay, obtained him? Waita sec.

Okay, maintain on, goes in very sluggish, very thick stuff this.

Three quarters down.


No, no, no, that manner! That manner! SIOUXSIE: Biting, biting, biting, have a look at that! Executed.

SIMON: Should you get bitten by a venomous snake, your life is at risk.

More often than not peopledon’t die from venomous snakes’ bites, however you possibly can find yourself in actually large bother,like say you would possibly lose a hand, a finger, an arm.

They are often fairly harmful.

You haveaggressive 20 foot snake, it’s no dealing with by yourself, not safely anyway.

COMM: Feeding that many reptiles is an enormous job.

Defrosting the frozen rats is step one.

SIOUXSIE: So we’re gonna feed our resident rattlesnake right here.

Clearly you’ve gottabe very cautious.

They do have venom, so you do not need to get venom in you.

It’s ahospital job.

SIOUXSIE: So she has a little bit of venom into it.

She doesn’t must constrict it.

She’sstill feeling a bit cross with us, so I feel she’s concentrating on us, not meals itemright now.

COMM: Although a uncommon prevalence, snake bites are a painful reminder of the pitfalls oflooking after venomous reptiles.

SIMON: I’ve been bitten earlier than.

I used to be bitten by a copperhead, really twice.

My arm swelledup to the dimensions of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s.

It began to get black.

The ache is likeputting your hand or arm into boiling water or hearth.

COMM: Security is a prime precedence for the pair.

SIMON: We’ve obtained protecting gloves which might face up to a snake chew.

Each door isdouble locked and the cage is clearly locked as effectively.

We do have neighbours right here.

Thereare six homes or so on the left aspect of the constructing and on the opposite aspect is a golf course.

They know there’s snakes right here.

COMM: However the couple has a critical message for guests to the sanctuary.

Especiallyinexperienced would-be house owners of unique animals.

SIMON: We attempt to educate individuals in regards to the snakes and why the snakes are right here.

,individuals see a pleasant cute little snake in a pet store, one thing that may solely be a couple of incheslong, and doubtlessly can get 18+ toes.

SIOUXSIE: Having guests right here on the Secret Sanctuary as effectively, we attempt to form of changepeople’s angle, how they really feel about snakes.

Folks assume they’re horrible, slimy, disgusting.

So hopefully by coming right here they see how wonderful they’re, how stunning they’re.

COMM: And the couple’s animal ambitions don’t finish with reptiles and spiders.

SIOUXSIE: I feel if we have been, there have been no limits, no licensing, no worries about area,we’d find yourself having elephants and possibly a giraffe’s head coming by way of the window.

SIMON: I’d like to get a gorilla.

It’s not simply snakes we’re into, or reptiles quite,it’s something, you already know.

We’ll at all times have animals round us, that’s for certain.