That's the plan– you need meto punch a shark within the nostril? He-He's circling again.

Right here, seize the oar.

This greater than makes up for thepay you had been going to dock me.

Okay, right here he comes.

Oh, God.

It labored! We're into thesatellite sign.

Uh, discovered acommunications interface.

Sending the message,after which completed.

Nice, let's simply hope whofinds it might really assist us.

(fast beeping) (Danish accent):Bernhard? D-876.

Bought it.


Uh, sure, it's an actual election.

Alderman of West Altadenia–Look, I obtained to go.

In line with someconfused Danish scientists, Walter and Paige areat the buoy D-876.

These are the coordinates.

Okay, guys, you're alreadyheaded in the precise route, and also you're closerthan the Coast Guard.

Simply must barely adjustcourse three levels west.

We're on it.

Eyes peeled for a yellow buoywith individuals clinging to it.

Shouldn't be morethan a number of of these.

SYLVESTER:And, Cabe, you stated onlya handful of individuals watched Patel's advert,however guess what– it made it to Denmark.

Denmark! (thud) Walter! I believe he's pissedabout the punch to the nostril.

Effectively, sharks are clever;they’ve a sixth sense referred to as electrosensoryperception to trace their.

You had been gonna say "prey.

" Ah.

(thud) (gasps) (shrieks) That was too shut, Walter.

I think about Scorpion.

Apart from, from alogical standpoint, the chances are fairly slim thatthings might get any worse.

(thud) (each gasp) Holy cow, issues simply obtained worse.

How? After the Danishscientists referred to as, I hacked their systemto monitor any readings that their buoy would possibly receivethat might assist us with our rescue– just like the modifications in currentor wave cap heights, stuff like that.

So what's the issue? Drawback isthey don't examine the ocean.

They examine what lives contained in the ocean.

Particularly,migratory patterns.

Migratory patterns of what? (buoy bell clanging) (gasping) I believe he's bringinghis buddies! Really, ,a bunch of sharks known as a "frenzy.

" Walter, who provides a crap?! Sharks? Are you kidding me? A frenzy of them.

A gaggle of sharksknown as a "frenzy.

" Who provides a crap?! Hundred yards forward! I can see the buoy,and Walter and Paige! And sharks,heaps and many sharks.

Punch it, Gallo.

Walter, they're closing in! (gasping)(thud) The affect of a number ofsharks is gonna be exponentially worse thanjust one, so brace your self.

(thud) I believe we spoke too quickly.

Hey! Hey, hey! TOBY:They see us! We did it!We're heroes of the excessive seas! (pirate voice):Preserve the wind at our backs, and take this girlto port, Cap'n.

(engine sputtering) (hissing) What the hell? Oh, this isn'thappening.

What isn't occurring? TOBY:The boat's engine blew, and we're nonetheless about50 yards from the buoy.

Not good! After we souped it up,we should've pushed its limits.

It's toast.

No, Walterand Paige are toast if they’ll't get to them! (thud, bell clanging) Hey, what's occurring? Why aren't theycoming to get us? WALTER: Uh, I see smoke.

The boat should've died.

Yeah, effectively,talking of dying, we are able to't maintain on for much longer;this buoy's gonna tip.

You had been alifeguard, proper? Uh, in summers whenI was a teen.

Why? I'm gonna swimfor the raft.

The flailing willattract the sharks.


Shark's worst senseis their eyesight.

They'll circle me to strive andfigure me out earlier than attacking.

It'll give me time.

Now, as quickly asI hit the water, you dive in andhead for the boat.

Walter, no.

Even in case you make itto the raft, they’ll tear thatthing aside in seconds.

You stated it your self.

Finally, this buoy will get tipped over, and I can't haveyou on it when that occurs.


As flawed as I’m, I'm nonetheless a greater personthan earlier than we met, due to you.

Now go!Walter! They're making a breakfor the boat.

No, solely Paige is.

Walt's attempting toget to the raft.

He's by no means gonna make it.

He's chum within the water.