Shark tourism has grow to be extensively common, andmany thrill seekers and wildlife fanatics now select to go diving within the waters to seethe majestic predators up shut.

However on some events, shark diving couldgo terribly improper.

Quantity 7: Ming ChanIn October 2016, Ming Chan, a 51 yr previous half time scuba teacher from Shanghai wasamong 20 individuals on a diving tour at Guadalupe Island, Mexico.

There, Chan jumped right into a shark diving cagein the water, hoping to get an in depth up view of the ocean creatures.

He seemed on as a 10 foot lengthy nice whiteshark rose to the floor to devour a bit of bait used to draw it in the direction of the cage.

All of the sudden, the cage began shaking and thewater inside was frothing and foaming.

Chan, who occurred to be the one diver inside,realized that he was trapped contained in the small cage with a dwell shark who had in some way endedup on the improper facet of the bars.

Realizing the state of affairs, observers on theboat above opened the cage's escape hatch to offer an escape route for the creature.

Chan however, dived down and slippedout of the underside of the cage to flee.

Nevertheless, he found 2 different sharks swimmingclose by beneath him.

Not desirous to grow to be prey to the pair, hequickly swam again up.

Fortuitously, the trapped shark had simply escapedthe cage.

The shark appeared to bleeding fairly badly fromits gills on the left, in all probability the results of forcing itself into the cage earlier.

The escaped shark rapidly disappeared intothe large open sea, and the panicked crew above waited eagerly if Chan survived.

He surfaced after just a few seconds, signalingan OK signal, a lot to everybody’s reduction.

The guts pounding scene was filmed by a passengeron board, and the footage which confirmed the shut encounter from above the floor madeinternational headlines, and garnered hundreds of thousands of views on the web.

The person who filmed it admitted that he thoughthe was filming any individual dying, and couldn't imagine it when Chan walked out alive.

Regardless of his close to demise expertise, an unperturbedMing Chan mentioned that he nonetheless hoped to go shark diving once more.

Quantity 6: Katie Yonker, Yann and othersAfter the terrifying footage of Ming Chan escaping an amazing white shark unfold acrossthe web, one other video has emerged, exhibiting one other case of shark diving gone improper inthe exact same waters of Guadalupe Island, Mexico which occurred in September 2016.

Katie Yonker, who was one of many four diverstrapped in a shark diving cage whereas being attacked by a four.

5 meter shark described theterrifying expertise.

The feminine shark referred to as Milana Arnone hadswam as much as the tank's air provide and bit its hose, leading to an explosion of air bubbles,and the oxygen provide to the four divers within the cage was reduce off.

The dive grasp, named Yann, went as much as thetop of the cage to modify to another air provide, when the shark crashed its wayin.

It made its method in vertically from the highest,thrashing and snapping its jaws on the divers inside whereas getting itself additional lodgedinto the metal bars.

The air bubbles restricted the view underwater,and the predator's giant physique blocked a lot of the cage's exit.

Fortuitously, the divers managed to escapethrough a distinct exit and swam instantly previous the beating shark to get to their boatthat was ready simply above the floor.

Simply as they left the cage, a a lot largershark nicknamed Air Demon or Large Mama handed the scene, however fortunately stayed away fromthe chaos.

As soon as everybody was safely on board the boat,they tried serving to the trapped shark by tying a rope round its tail and decreasing the cagedeeper into the water in an try to tug it out backwards.

When that failed, one diver dived again insideand pressed on the predator's gills to assist it free itself.

Quantity 5: Jeff Kerr and Andy CasagrandeIn 2015, marine scientists Jeff kerr and Andy Casagrande had been in New Zealand’s watersinvestigating the sightings of a 20 foot nice white shark.

The shark specialists had been filming a documentaryfilm for Discovery Channel, and supposed to tag the creature and different members of itsspecies with fin cameras to trace their actions and migration.

However their efforts proved not with out difficultieswhen they confronted an intense and bone chilling encounter with the ocean predators.

The pair of researchers was exploring thewaters at evening.

Within the hope of getting a greater picture of themodern day legend, Andy was lowered right into a shark cage, which was presumably secure fromany advances from the sharks.

Nevertheless, the state of affairs rapidly spiraled outof management as a bunch of sharks started swimming across the cage whereas whipping their tales- an act that the scientists understood as a transparent signal of aggression, indicating theirreadiness to assault.

The predators then proceeded to hammer thesteel cage with the guidelines of their noses.

After just a few seconds, the sharks out of the blue stoppedand swam away.

Andy and Jeff didn’t breathe a sigh of reliefhowever, as they knew such sudden departure meant that the creatures had detected somethinglarger and extra vicious lurking within the feeding grounds.

It was at that second that the legendary 20foot nice white that the 2 had been trying to find emerged in an aggressive state, rammingthe cage which protected Andy.

Fortuitously, the shark ultimately gave upand left.

A nervous Jeff who was onboard the boat theentire time was relieved to listen to his good friend's voice instructing him to tug the cage up.

Their wonderful expertise is documented inthe Discovery movie known as 'Lair of the Mega Shark'.

Quantity four: Roger GrayIn March 2013, one spouse practically misplaced her husband the next day of their marriage afterher thrill in search of husband acquired greater than he bargained for.

Roger Grey, newlywed, was shark diving inGansbaai, simply off the coast of South Africa's Western Cape.

However as Roger was observing the predators fromthe obvious security of a diving cage, one rogue shark determined to disregard the pretend baitsurrounding the world, and go straight to the dwell people.

By means of sheer energy the shark managed topenetrate its head by means of the metal bars and lash its razor sharp enamel round.

Inches away from a bloody demise, the terrifiedRoger in some way managed to keep away from being mauled by ducking down far sufficient away from the shark'sreaches.

Observers from the deck above had been terrified,fearing the worst for the trapped diver who they couldn't see clearly.

However seconds later, the shark pulled its headand left, and Roger resurfaced unhurt.

A person who recorded the entire scene from aboveuploaded the footage to Youtube, and the clip garnered practically 2 million views inside justa few days.

It wasn't the primary time such a factor happenedin Gansbaai.

Again in 2005, a British vacationer practically losthis life within the common shark diving vacation spot when a 20 foot nice white shark bit its waythrough the metal cage.

Quantity three: Spencer and Tiffany ReillyAnother case of newlyweds practically getting killed within the shark infested waters of Gansbaai,South Africa was that of Spencer and Tiffany Reilly, who went honeymooning within the populardestination in November 2015.

The couple was submerged inside a shark cage,watching the ocean creatures whereas shark bait was being thrown round.

One shark, which was chasing a string of bait,swam head on at an unbelievable pace instantly into the steel bars.

With its head contained in the cage, it tried snappingits jaws at Spencer who was simply inches away.

Had the brand new husband been nearer to the bars,he would have grow to be shark meals.

The predators typically swim slowly aroundthe enclosure, and what occurred with Spencer was one of many uncommon incidents when thingswent improper.

His spouse Tiffany, who recorded the shockingincident, posted the video on Youtube, receiving 1 / 4 million views inside days.

Quantity 2: John PettyDr John Petty, a chiro-practitioner from Texas went scuba diving within the Bahamas on July 13,2014.

The 63 yr previous avid adventurer and awardwinning underwater photographer was extraordinarily excited, as he could be swimming alongsidetiger sharks as a part of an ongoing challenge of his to unique animals from allover the world.

The expedition was an audacious one, as Pettydived in open waters as a substitute of inside the protection of a cage.

Cage-free shark dives has been increasinglypopular within the area during the last decade, and Petty was drawn to it, desirous to getthe greatest pictures of Bahamian tiger sharks.

Together with seven different divers, Petty arrivedat Grand Bahama Island.

They spent round 5 hours within the water, andit was not till all of them headed again to the boat within the night did they understand one personwas lacking.

Petty who was final seen holding a line fromthe boat was now not round.

Following a report of his disappearance, theUS Coast Guard scoured a 4600 sq. mile space for practically three days, however all they foundwere Perry's digital camera, dive masks, and some different items of his diving gear – with bitemarks.

His physique was by no means discovered.

The precise particulars of what occurred to Perryis unlikely to ever be found, however possibilities that he was killed in a encounter with wildtiger sharks is a excessive chance.

The person loved good well being, and was stillrunning marathons, so drowning from a coronary heart assault was deemed unlikely.

The US Coast Guard has thought-about the caseas closed.

No 1: Markus GrohAs proven within the case of John Petty, cageless shark dives may simply go improper.

Because of this, cageless shark dives thatspecifically goal harmful species by means of shark feeding has been banned in lots of locations.

Nevertheless, some shark diving operators in Floridabypass the system by taking their clients to the Bahamas the place the legislation doesn’t takeeffect.

Markus Groh, a lawyer from Vienna, Austriaparticipated in a single such expedition.

In 2008, the 49 yr previous went into the Bahamianwaters for a cageless shark diving expertise.

Sharks had been lured utilizing crates of chum madeof useless fish and fish entrails to deliver the predators nearer to the divers.

A bull shark came to visit, and in its attemptto chunk on the bait, by accident bit Groh's leg as a substitute.

Realizing its mistake, it launched the legwithout tearing of any flesh.

Bleeding profusely from his wound, Groh waseventually evacuated by a US Coast Guard helicopter and brought to a hospital in Miami.

Sadly, he died from an excessive amount of bloodloss from the deep laceration on his leg.

The shark diving firm that introduced Grohrefuses any interviews.

The demise sparked a large amount of debate,and a few have known as to banning such excursions altogether.

President of the Bahamas Diving Associationsaid that he had already been imploring the corporate accountable to cease its dangerouspractice of shark feeding whereas diving, however was repeatedly ignored.